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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Letter From the Editor- October

Hello JITC Readers,

Welcome to the October edition of the JITC digest.

This month I am excitedly looking forward to SITC's 36th Annual Meeting & Pre-Conference Programs November 10–14 and we hope you can join us, either in-person in Washington, DC, if you are fully vaccinated, or virtually if you are unable to make the trip.

No matter how you attend the meeting, we hope you take advantage of the opportunities to interact with the journal during SITC’s Annual Meeting. Be sure to tune into the awards presentations for the best papers of the year and follow along with the journal on Twitter for real-time updates from our social media team at the meeting.

If you do attend in person, I personally hope you will consider stopping by the SITC exhibit booth in the main exhibition hall to say a safe and socially distanced “hello” during a Meet the Editor session over the lunch hour on Saturday. You can find out more information about the Annual Meeting, including the exciting scientific program and the measures SITC is taking to ensure a safe experience at

This month’s JITC digest selections nicely set the stage for the exciting data that is sure to be presented at SITC’s Annual Meeting. The articles describe creative and “outside-the-box” approaches to turn immunologically cold tumors hot coupled with deep and complex mechanistic insight.

James McAuliffe et al provide preclinical rationale for a revisitation of therapeutic cancer vaccination by applying heterologous prime boost strategy that generates anti-MAGE antigen CD8+ cytotoxic T cell responses and synergizes with anti-PD-1. Another compelling combination approach from Mikako Nishida et al also offers mechanistic insight into how the diabetes drug metformin enhances anti-tumor responses with checkpoint blockade and as a monotherapy by enhancing proliferation and interferon gamma production in CD8+ tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes via a mitochondrial reactive oxygen species-dependent feedback loop.

A new immunotherapeutic target for depletion of regulatory T cells in hepatocellular carcinoma without causing obvious adverse events is identified by Zhaowei Wang and colleagues who also elegantly delineate a new immunomodulatory signaling pathway involving CD48 using classical biochemical experiments.

Finally, in a study that borrows from and builds upon a century old concept from our field, Christina S E Carroll and colleagues describe robust disease control in preclinical and veterinary models as well as tolerability in human patients of intratumoral injection of the lysed bacterial suspension Freund’s complete adjuvant.

Wishing everyone a safe October and looking forward to SITC’s Annual Meeting.

Pedro J. Romero, MD
Editor-in-Chief, Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer

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