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Monday, November 6, 2017

Welcome to The Sentinel, SITC’s New Official Blog

On behalf of the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC), I am pleased to introduce to you The Sentinel, our new official blog.

It has long been a goal of SITC’s to provide a space online for members to network and share their wealth of knowledge with the greater cancer immunotherapy community on everything from the basic science to the biggest challenges facing our field.

SITC took a large step forward in this goal in January when we redesigned our website, SITC Cancer Immunotherapy CONNECT. Not only did we greatly improve navigation of our website to help users learn who we are as a membership organization and what it is we do, but we also launched online communities. These communities allow users to connect to others interested in the field, from the mass population level in the Open Forum to the micro level in communities connecting local educational meeting participants.

Today’s launching of The Sentinel is our next step forward. The Sentinel will offer content-rich articles written by SITC members, of all professional backgrounds and experience levels, to serve the greater cancer immunotherapy community – from patients to clinicians to researchers.

While SITC staff will occasionally author blog articles, the primary goal of The Sentinel is to provide our members a platform to contribute their expertise to the overall body of knowledge for the field. I must share that SITC will take only a light approach in editing content submitted by member authors. The views and information shared by our members in their blogs do not necessarily represent the official views of the society. If you disagree with a statement or feel you can add to the information presented, I encourage you to join the discussion, either directly on the blog post or in our general discussion community, the OpenForum.

I hope you find the content on this blog useful and informative. I look forward to reading what it is our members have to say. Happy blogging!

Tara Withington
Executive Director
Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer

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