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Sunday, November 12, 2017

On Tap at SITC 2017 - Nov. 12

On Tap Today

The Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) is very happy to welcome our delegates for one more day of scientific exchange at the 32nd Annual Meeting.

Here's a look at what's on tap for today, and continue scrolling to learn about exciting news for the society in 2018.

32nd Annual Meeting - Sunday Programming

8 a.m. - 1 p.m. / Cherry Blossom Ballroom

Below is a snapshot of the day's proceeding's:

Session 300: Genetically Modified Cell Therapy

8 - 10:15 a.m. / Organized in collaboration with the American Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (ASBMT)

8:05 – 8:30 a.m. 
CAR T Cells Smarter Targeting and Smarter Targets
Martin Pule, PhD – University College London

8:30 – 8:55 a.m.  
Updates in CAR T cells
Crystal L. Mackall, MD – Stanford University

8:55 – 9:20 a.m.  
Genetically Modified T Cells for Solid Tumors
Stephen Gottschalk, MD – St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

9:20 – 9:45 a.m.  
Late-Breaking: CD19 CAR Enter the Mainstream
Jennifer Brogdon – Novartis Institute of Biomedical Research

9:45 – 10 a.m.     
Transcriptional Approach to Understanding the Role of Tonic Signaling and Co-Stimulation in CAR T cells
Angela Boroughs, BS – Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University

10 – 10:15 a.m.   
Gamma Secretase Inhibition Increases Recognition of Multiple Myeloma by BCMA-Specific Chimeric Antigen Receptor Modified T Cells
Margot Pont, PhD – Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

  • Marcela V. Maus, MD, PhD – Massachusetts General Hospital 
  • Carl H. June, MD – University of Pennsylvania
  • Helen E. Heslop, MD – Baylor College of Medicine 
32nd Annual Meeting & Pre-Conference Programs

SITC 2017 Photo Gallery

Session 301: Hot Topic Symposium: Advancing the Field: Can Physics and Mathematics Impact the Development of Tumor Immunotherapy?

10:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. / Organized in collaboration with Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C)

10:30 – 10:35 a.m.           
Welcome and Introductions
Howard Kaufman, MD, FACS – Replimune Group, Inc.
10:35 – 10:55 a.m.           
Overview of the Immunotherapy Field
Francesco M. Marincola, MD – AbbVie Inc.

10:55 – 11:15 a.m.           
Integrating Multiple Dimensions of Genomic Data as Immunotherapy Predictive Biomarkers
Thomas F. Gajewski, MD, PhD – University of Chicago

11:15 – 11:35 a.m.           
Challenges in Clinical Development
Michael Postow, MD – Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

11:35 – 11:55 a.m.           
Systems of Biology Modeling of the Immune System
Doron Levy, PhD – University of Maryland

11:55 – 12:15 p.m.           
T Cell Repertoire
Curtis Callan, PhD – Princeton University

12:15 – 12:35 p.m.           
Modeling the Fitness Costs of Neoantigens
Benjamin Greenbaum, PhD – Tisch Cancer Institute

12:35 – 1 p.m.   
Panel Discussion
Howard Kaufman, MD, FACS – Replimune Group, Inc.
Herbert Levine, PhD – Rice University

  • Howard Kaufman, MD, FACS – Replimune Group, Inc.
  • Herbert Levine, PhD – Rice University

SITC on the move in 2018

Next year will be one of some change for the society. SITC's annual fundraiser for the Forward Fund, The CheckPoints Party, is moving to Chicago's Buddy Guy's Legends on June 3. Don't miss out on your chance to secure tickets to the party -- watch the video below for more information.

Also, SITC Annual Meeting & Pre-Conference Programs is moving to the city in 2018! The city of Washington, D.C. that is. Place in your calendars plans to attend SITC 2018 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center and be on the lookout for registration information in the Spring.

Thank You SITC 2017!

Finally, SITC thanks the thousands of individuals -- from the organizers, to the faculty, to the supporters, to the delegates and more -- who helped make the 32nd Annual Meeting & Pre-Conference Programs the society's best yet.

Incredible advancements have been made in the field of cancer immunotherapy in recent months, don't miss out on your opportunity to be right there with SITC when it happens. Join the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer today and take advantage of all of the benefits a membership has to offer.

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